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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  October 30, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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heyward, be prepared. if it's in the dirt, if you can read it and get an aggressive lead and anticipate a ball in the dirt, if it skipsps away a little bit you can advance to third. >> john: the hardest part for baez is to anticipate the ball up and not think it's going to be a fastball but sometimes you've got to guess along with the pitcher, when you're struggling on anything that moves. it's not easy until you learn. he will learn a lot. having gon promise you. >> joe: we visited with terry
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talking about jon lester who he managed in boston. he said "the game is not going to be too big for lester. if we go back to cleveland, arrieta, game six, hendricks, game seven, he said their pitching still gives me anxiety." 1-2. 2-2. >> joe: joe maddon said let's get this th cleveland. he likes arrieta in game six, take on josh tomlin who was so good here two nights ago. on tuesday night in cleveland. >> john: spin it. breaking ball. >> joe: and struck him out. another swing and miss.
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at second. two out. here comes chapman. >> john: execute without throwing a strike. >> joe: there are certain guys when they walk into a clubhouse that look different than the rest and that's aroldis chapman for the cubs, as joe maddon said he's like wrapped steel. i player as you will find. >> john: and a great athlete. he's not a guy that just throws a hundred. they ask him for a hit. >> joe: ball one. >> john: they're also going to protect himself if he swings late. >> joe: chapman did not bat for the cubs this season.
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the 1-0 pitch. inside corner. >> john: he's got half of it down. he looks hitterish. >> joe: he does. >> john: good stance. >> joe: 0-1. earlier in the season. waiting for a 1-1. that is down. 2-1. >> joe: third career plate appearance for aroldis chapman.
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throw down is not in time. the count is 2-2 on chapman. >> joe: indians check to see if they want to challenge that call. and they don't. >> joe: heyward at third, two outs, cubs by one. a strikeout ends the inning and
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in the seventh with one out. he got out of the seventh. pitched a scoreless eighth. tries to work a scoreless ninth to send the world series back to cleveland. ball one to mike napoli. got to go through some thunder. >> john: napoli, santana. >> joe: back-to-back guys who each hit 34 regular season. one-run cub lead in game five. strike one. the last home run aroldis chapman allowed was june 18 of this year to kurt suzuki of the
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>> joe: strike two. >>oe russell. one out. the cubs are two outs away from their first world series win at wrigley since that 1945 postseason.
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>> joe: 101 from chapman. >> joe: carlos hit 34 home runs but 30 of those home runs came left-handed during the regular season. >> john: he's done a nice job. he hasn't been too inconsistent with his fastball early on, mixing in a couple of sliders but now sensing a normal ninth inning even though it's unnormal in the fact that this is the third time he's entered the game, really -- seventh, eighth and now the ninth. >> joe: the 0-1 pitch.
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still in triple digits as he has tied his season high for pitches. still eight away from his career high. >> john: that's the hardest part of closing, really. you come in and you know that's it, you get your job done. you sit down. he's sat down twice and had to get up the third time. >> joe: time called.
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>> joe: 3-1. >> joe: popped up, right side. heyward coming to get it. he says "stay away."
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>> joe: the first man aroldis chapman faced tonight, jose ramirez, chapman hoping will be his last faced tonight. >> john: quite a job it would be if that is the case. >> joe: ramirez struck out when he faced chapman in the seventh. strike one. >> john: i don't think with two strikes he saved his best
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>> joe: strike two. >> joe: the cubs' last world series win at wrigley, game six, 1945 against detroit. october 8. the 30th of october. 2016. struck him out. there will be a game six.
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>> joe: the cubs got aroldis chapman on july 25th from the yankees. they gave four players to get the future free agent. >> joe: in the seventh inning, joe maddon handed the ball to aroldis chapman and said "it's all yours." and he got eight outs. and kept the lead and gets the series back to cleveland.
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>> ken: thanks, joe. elimination games, you led by one run in the final three innings. what was it like out there? >> it didn't feel like an elimination game. a big inning there, and jon doing his thing then chapman coming in for seven outs. that was an unbelievable win and hopefully can use that in game six. >> ken: going back to cleveland. arrieta on normal rest against tomlin on short rest and schwarber coming back. how do you like your >> we feel good about it, reigning cy young winner, he's a bulldog, he will go out and give you his best effort every time and we always feel confident with him on the mound. hopefully we can win that game and you never know what happens in game seven. >> ken: thanks. over to tom verducci. >> tom: you scored all your runs in the third inning. what was the tension like in the final six to hold on? >> high anxiety.
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every pitch is just -- gets bigger and bigger as the game goes on. it's unbelievable. great win here to send these fans off with a win. now we get to go back and cleveland and take care of business. >> tom: i have to ask you about your good friend, david ross. he drove in what turned out to be the deciding run. threw out a runner at second base. caught jon lester for probably the final time. what are your thoughts about the man you call grandpa like a dad, like a mentor, and i don't know if everyone -- i was pretty emotional there seeing him with that big at-bat, driving that run in and throwing the guy out. we talked before the game about this could be his last, and we got the w. >> tom: congratulations. we'll see you in cleveland. >> thanks, tom, appreciate it. >> tom: back to you. >> joe: the winning pitcher is
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3-1 this postseason. the loser, bauer. trevor goes to 0-2. both losses in this world series. the save for chapman. what a save. he had to get the final eight defensive outs. here is how it ended. his fourth save. a foul tip. hung onto by contreras. a 3:27 game. >> john: awesome game, awesome venue, getting ready to go to another awesome venue in cleveland. they are excited. they were hoping it tonight but they're going to get a game six in cleveland. it's going to be a lot of fun and i cannot wait. >> joe: nor can i. nor can any of us wait to get back to cleveland and continue this world series. between the team that hasn't won it all since 1948, and one that hasn't won it all since 1908. 2 2/3 innings pitched.
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kevin, guys, all yours. >> kevin: all right, joe. welcome. it's been 25,950 days since the cubs last won a world series game. that streak is over. pete rose, alex rodriguez, kevin burkhardt. we'll have interviews and reaction. more from wrigley. the cubs, of course, we'll hear from them. they extend their series and their season. it will go back to cleveland. aroldis chapman delivering tonight. alex said this would go back to cleveland and indeed we are. maybe the cubs got a little bit of a break tonight too, and these fans something to celebrate. quiet at wrigley, but not any more. this is going to a game six in this world series. post-game show.
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>> kevin: welcome to the post game show. presented by "lethal weapon" on fox. this world series not over just yet. high atop wrigley field where the cubs finally get a win in the world series at the home ballpark for the first time in a long time. these fans have something to celebrate here on the corner of tonight an exciting ballgame. 3-2 the final as the cubs get the victory. come into our set. welcome. post game show is coming your way right now. a lot of decisions in this game that were very interesting but i'll tell you one thing. aroldis chapman, when he came in we were thinking an eight-out save. did you think he was going to be able to do it? >> alex: not really.
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clean inning in the ninth. i thought it would be lester to chapman but this is an unconventional way lest tore chavp man with eight outs. >> pete: when are we going to understand it's not a gamble for joe maddon to bring chamman in the game? i wouldn't be surprised if he starts. he pitched his butt off. the guy was throwing just as hard to the last hitter as he was to the first hitter. >> frank: we thought it was a quick hook for more the mentality of all of the fans on deck, going to chapman, he got it done tonight, moving to cleveland, joe maddon did it once again his way. >> alex: i was more than more concerned about the battery of carl edwards jr. and contreras, i don't want my last 12 outs of such a pivotal game to come down to those two young guys. i would investigator have loss and jon lester.
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high two off his career high, it certainly worked for this cubs team. we've seen it before. lest nert playoffs gets it done. we all thought maybe coming out a little early but he gave the cubs exactly what they needed tonight too. >> frank: until the sixth there were no base runners. he could stay in the zone. he kept the base runners off base. a big win for the team and chapman, once again, was phenomenal. >> pete: like all great pitchers he pitched a good ballgame and didn't have his greatest stuff. a testimony to who this is. >> alex: i played with jon lester it feels like over a hundred times. he's a tremendous competitor. he had both sides working. tony did not help him behind the plate much. he pitched well enough. if jon lester didn't pitch eight innings and hand the ball to
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not a quality start. >> kevin: chapman, eight outs. bottom line, the cubs are alive and the series goes back to cleveland now for a big game six, and these fans are excited. why wouldn't they be here in wrigley? stay tuned for those of you right here and for your late, local news but we're continuing post-game coverage of the world series. turn it over to fs1 at midnight eastern. we will be with you for a while. these fans have a feeling they'll here for a while too. post game on fs1. emotional night at wrigley. bill murray, dexter fowler and the cubbies. lester and ross. couple old vets getting it done. we've got a game six, fellows.
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the chargers after scary moments on the sidelines. the charger player slammed into late phillips. . [inaudible] it was crazy. the players and fans both teams putting aside the rivalry. it is hard to see anybody get hit like that. more than just a game. thank you for joining us after the world series. erika gonzalez, the defensive coordinator is hospitalized after being hit by a player during today's game. fox sports director with all that has happened and what everyone wants to know how is he doing? wade has been released from the hospital tonight.
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hardest hit of the game 69-year-old wade philip on the sideline, no shoulder pad the, no equipment and it happen second quarter. this is on the field beautiful defensive play. 51-yard pick six, gave the broncos the lead at the time 10-7 but on the sidelines, here is what occurred melvyn gordon partially blocked on the play, into coaches, takes out phillips and the game delayed ten minutes as huddled around the injured coach, carefully put on a stretcher, loaded into the car and there you see he didn't wiggle his finger to let everyone know we had movement in his extremities. the team responded and also rallied after wade's departure candy carman has more. obviously some good news for bronco defense of court nader wade but when he was down, the players certainly with but the range of emotions. man, what was


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